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Spring Test: April 6th/7th

 575 Rimrock Rd,
Statesville, NC 28625


Natural Ability: $145
UPT/UT: $185

MOCK TEST: March 10th, open to volunteers, test participants and anyone on the waitlist.

All test entries and payment must be sent to the test secretary 
*Limit of 2 dogs per handler*


All recognized versatile breeds are eligible for NAVHDA tests as long as the dog is registered in the NAVHDA registry. The registration form can be found on the international NAVHDA website.

Dogs are eligible for Natural Ability testing up to and including the day they reach 16 months of age. Dogs over 16 months of age may run Natural Ability for evaluation only and may only run when space is available. No prize can be awarded for dogs over the age limit.

There are no age restrictions on dogs entered in the Utility Preparatory Test or Utility Test. No restrictions are placed on the number of times a dog may be tested.

*NOTE: Starting July 1, 2018 both the owner and handler must be registered members of NAVHDA to enter a dog in a sanctioned test.


Test entries are limited and will be taken on a first come first served basis. (Note: Individuals are limited to 2 entries per testing weekend. Contact chapter leadership for potential special accommodation) A completed test entry form and payment must be sent to the test secretary.  The preferred method of payment is Venmo @Foothills-Navhda. Checks payable to Foothills NAVHDA will also be accepted.  All test entry forms must be completed in full and e-mailed to the test secretary at If your NAVHDA membership number or dog’s registration number is pending, please write this in appropriate boxes. Once your numbers become available please update the test secretary with this information.


Test entry fees can be paid via: 

VENMO (Preferred)



Please contact the test secretary via e-mail if you would like to mail in a check or test entry form.

*All test entries and payment must be sent to the test secretary*


If a handler decides to withdraw from the test, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN except for a health issue with the dog, in which case veterinary records must be provided.  Those on the waiting list who withdraw while still on the waitlist or who do not get to run in our test will be refunded their testing fee.  If you wish to be removed from the waitlist, you must let the test secretary know as soon as possible.  Once a dog is moved from the waitlist to the test list, no refunds will be given.


An e-mail message will be sent to all handlers upon receipt of the test entry form AND payment. If you are placed on a waiting list for the test you will be notified of this.  As the test approaches an email will be sent with the running order and important test information.


Hotels within 30 minutes of testing site that are pet friendly:

More information coming soon...

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